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nothing lead. right now the giants are leading 4-2. they are in the eighth. 10 game road trip in detroit. thinking about teammate ryan still recovering from the lien drive to the head. face swollen and first strike out victim to start the game. left after 2 innings with shoulder injury. here's moss with two out in the first. 1 nothing a's. all detroit from there. johnny opposite field blast off griffin who came in with a 6 and o record. then miguel admiring his work in the third. his 39th of the year to make it a 3-1 game. tigers up in the eighth. here it comes and there it goes with bases loaded for cabrera again. no. 40 on the year. this one off chavez. 6 rbi in the game for cabrerra a.who is pushing 300 pounds. detroit rolls 1 12-2. after almost pulling off the upset at ohio state last week the task only gets more difficult for the cal football team this saturday. at usc. trojans will be angry because stanford stunned them 21-14 last week. tormented barkley with a ferocious rush. cardinal physically whipped the trojan up front look teing tape the coach said it was that r
a billion dollars a year to companies from out of state. detroit automakers for example have a smaller state tax bail. fewer employees here but big sales of their products in california. some california companies like genentech say that is not fair. the bay area biotech firm decided to open an offense in oregon to take advantage of the tax break. prop 39 stops rewarding companies for creating jobs out of state. with the billion dollars a year half of it will help retrofit public buildings for alternative energy for five years and help train a workforce to do the projects and the other half goes to the state budget to help schools. >> it brings over a billion dollars to the state every single year and the way it is constructed itle create tens of thousands, up to a hundred thousand jobs. >> multistate companies say changing the tax formula will actually cost california jobs. >> it will raise the cost of doing business in the state and that will hurt jobs. >> with no formal campaign launched to fight prop 39 it will be difficult to reach out to voters. >> it is hard to understand whatcom lexit
and detroit. they look like the best team in the league right now. smith had the blood running down his nose couple touch down passes. 2 26 yard. he's playing at elite refusal will and has to be one of the best tackle team you ever see when he has shot. you are going down. tackle machine. harbaugh fired up getting set to visit minnesota next. >> go back to the way our ties played. the toughness the finish. the blocking. the tackle. most critical things that you need to win a tough bell ringing game like this. we are able to get it done. everybody has the plan and do what have they want to do and we come with our plan and you have to be ready to the adjust and i thought our guys even though they were good look for detroit we were able to shut down too. >> direct contrast there are the raiders. you wonder who can they beat this year? the only positive they had no problem with ball snapping in miami. everything else was lousy pretty much. look. we saw the forty-niner tackle. look at the raiders. bush. 3 guys miss and he broke 4 tackle on the play. 172 yards 2 touch down. offense
in detroit. anderson had to leave the game early. >>> former prowrestler the milwaukee maller apparently an a's fan and looking for action. brandon moss a wrestling fan verlander withf veld with the the nasty split finger. 2-0 detroit. watch anderson after the pitch. feels pain on the delivery to delmon young. sprains his right oblique and only gets worse. falls off the mound entirely. the trainer rushes out and they take him out of the game. not believed to be serious but timing bad. cabrera. this is a bomb tonight as the a's lose their third in a row and drops them into a tie for the the wildcard with baltimore, 6-2 the final. >>> ton football the 49ers embark on their longest road trip of the season and visit minnesota this sunday. they stay over in youngtown ohio home of their owners the yorks and move on to face the jets the following sunday. mike shumann has this report. >> athletes are creatures of habit and their weekly rituals will be turned upside down the next two weeks staying on the east coast for consecutive road games. jim harbaugh looks at the trip as a chance to bond as a tea
at home. detroit secret service says truck ran into equipment for vice president biden labor day visit. there was stolen. spokesperson for the agency tells us that the u-haul parked outside downtown hotel when ripped off. secret service says no weapons were taken but otherwise would not comment on what was inside naturally. now despite the loss biden attended campaign rallytor city. police are still searching for the truck. >>> police in florida release surveillance video today of robbery gone wrong. watch now. sitting with his back to the camera watching the front door odds are the security guard never expected this. 3 robbers rush in and just as quickly rush out amid a hail of bullet. one falls. he's hit but despite december fruit get out he crawls out leaving behind the gun and his shoes. now here's a different angle we can show. security guard reacts watch instantly. his gun is out and firing. he doesn't hesitate just keeps firing. happened overnight at internet cafe. guy who crawled out was arrested. other 2 are still on the run. police are hoping this video will lea
muscle. good. oakland beat did he detroit to beat no and struggled first 2 games in the series and that wasn't the case and smith delivers a solo shot off sanchez. his 14th of the sen l ties at 2. oakland took the lead in the sixth. george flies with town center. austin jackson gets pulled by the a's 6 3 on to. added 6 more runs in the 9th. smith clears the base was the double down the line. smith went 3 for 4 with 4 rbi. 12 4 is the title. 4 games in the west. on thursday night football the giants at carolina on their mind. new york was missing 3 starters on offense but had no trouble with the panthers. whoever said being a cameraman is easy never shot a football game from the side line. look out. brad shaw out with a neck injury. brown stepped in and did just fine. ran for 113 yards and pair of touch downs. while newton threw 3 interception. he connected with him until today 36 to receive victory. >> cal bears at usc this saturday. trojan not in the best of mood after guest upset by stanford last week. yesterday head coach ended post practice interview after
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6